, 2008, microwave ovens usher in era of high-value products,

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, 2008, microwave ovens usher in era of high-value products, all-around into a trend. Cheap single-function microwave oven will be out of the market. From Yee’s recently released annual report of 07 microwave ovens learned, more than 800 high-end products in volume year on year increase of 69.1%, faster than the overall market growth, multi-functional, high quality microwave oven into a consumer trend , while the low-cost single-function microwave oven market demand is shrinking rapidly. Report shows that the first 13 high-end machines, accounting for 9 Galanz, brand strength is unshakable. To industry sources, microwave oven market value return is a normal phenomenon, mainly Glanz, Panasonic, Haier microwave oven business in the light and all-around since last year, such as technology development on the development of the whole industry, while and leaving the pricing standards. Galanz microwave oven, said Liang Hongsheng, general manager of sales, product and technology upgrade will be microwave oven in 2008 the ultimate determinant of market competition, from the current market reflects the view that consumers are actually willing to multi-function, pay for new technology products, not just concerned about the price, single-function microwave oven market will be gradually phased out. Gome, Suning Microwave accelerated phase out low-end Market discussion group, according to National Bureau of Statistics released the survey data: in 2008 the first two months of the microwave line sales of big cities there is a clear trend of the upgrading, more than 600 high-end microwave oven has risen two percent more than 800 electronic oven which has risen more than three percent, while the low-cost, low quality, inefficient low-end microwaves, in particular low-cost single-function microwave oven, there has been a 25% sales decline, «versatile» in the middle and high end microwave average price stability, Gouxiaoliangwang, 81.2% of consumers will Glanz as a first choice, and choice to the shopping Gome and Suning consumers still as high as 85.3%, Gome, Suning and Galanz a high end of the three cards microwave oven. Gang Chen China’s Consumer Electronics Association Deputy Secretary-General said: the face of rising raw material and labor costs, and the renminbi appreciation, Glanz, Panasonic, Samsung and other leading companies are adjusting product structure, including reducing low the proportion of microwave oven sales side, in order to implement technology upgrades and structural upgrades, technology upgrades to resolve material price increases war fighting, Gome and Suning also Glanz led the technical transformation of the industry made great contributions. «In the past the market by low-cost way to have carried the fight to continue with!» Galanz Group Yuyao Chang, executive vice president, said in Shanghai, the nation’s steel copper raw materials rising and accelerating RMB appreciation, coupled with labor costs and logistics costs of home high-high, leading to electronic manufacturing companies, «a lot of pressure, only a technical upgrade and management of cost pressures to upgrade to resolve, first-line cities willing to accept more than 80% consumers,» all-round efficiency, high technology, long life «in more than 800 yuan The high microwave and light wave stove. Microwave ovens usher in era of high-value products Latest release in the States United States top ten best-selling model in the microwave on the list, the reporter found more than 600 high-end volume of the largest microwave oven, 700 to 900 yuan price of high-end models accounted for between the rankings 3, high-end consumer trends highlighted. Interestingly, Glanz seems intent on fighting at close quarters, with a large number of cost-effective high-end products, nearly sweep top ten best-selling model rating, the occupation of eight of them, but to squeeze into the rating is the beauty of the two microwave low-end model, prices are more than 200 yuan. In addition, the PRC, from market research firm released data also show that in 2007 ,551-600 yuan and 800 yuan higher than the price segment of the microwave oven two-year sales growth faster than the overall market. More than 800 products in particular, an increase of 69.1% over the previous period, the amount increased by 69.3% year on year, mainly due to the high-end e-barbecue-type product is hot, but low market demand is shrinking rapidly. Liang Hongsheng frankly, now living environment improved, so that microwave ovens heat food hot dishes from a simple tool, to a more comprehensive functional demands. Galanz appropriate based on the consumer’s home to provide matching solutions; in function, not partial subjects, do not do a simple steamer without fire, so all-around champion, play baking, stewing, boiling, steaming full range of advantages, advocacy more convenient, fast, nutrition, health, happy kitchen life. The PRC, analysts said, has experienced rapid cheap microwave ovens in the era of expansion, the market leaving only Galanz so strong production capacity, capital, there is a strong leading enterprises. As the market changes, companies and consumers are beginning to balanced view of market developments, high-end market has become a hot competition. Published data from Yee, the price of 1,000 yuan, the Galanz, Shanghai Matsushita, LG and other manufacturers have put a lot of intensity. Glanz which ranked first, accounting for more than 1,000 yuan in volume of the new market, 41.8%; followed by Shanghai Matsushita, accounting for 21.9%. I am a professional writer from China Crafts Suppliers, which contains a great deal of information about wholesale fishing flies , stella spinning reel, welcome to visit!

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