A naughty tale from the lads of Aussie rock’s mischievous

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A naughty tale from the lads of Aussie rock’s mischievous past… A long, long time ago in a century not so far away, future band members of The Earth Republic, Adam and Stuart embarked on a mission. Their quest was to attend a music venue in Sydney called The Basement to watch one of their musical heroes, the one and only Taj Mahal. Enduring Sydney’s notorious public transport they made their way from the Greater West to the Big City. Torrential rain had set in when they arrived and dodging beggars, buskers and business people they finally made their way through the welcoming doors of The Basement. Bliss to their ears and booze to their belly, a night was had, reveling in the familiar sounds of Taj Mahal’s legendary music. So excited were they by the show, that Adam just had to get a special something, a token to remember this night forever. In the blink of an eye, like a thunder clap, the idea came to him. Not wasting any time, he pounced on the opportunity to stomp this moment into the very fabric of their minds. Rushing the stage he barged through the tight security of the backstage door and like a paparazzo he stole a close up photo of our hero. One click was all he got and in a flash they were all wrestled to the exit and tossed into the dark back alley. The rain pouring down on them, the last words they heard from the manager was «YOU WILL NEVER RETURN TO THE BASEMENT AGAIN, YOU ARE BANNED FOR LIFE . . . . .». As it turned out last Friday night we made our triumphant return to the basement 15 years later. No longer as wide-eyed onlookers but as the main act, The Earth Republic. Great ending eh??? Finally this tale from Danii, graphic artist extraordinaire and loyal supporter of The Earth Republic…the latest and greatest Aussie rock sensation! Following on from Stu’s post about Adams antics, I thought I’d share this little story as well. About 7 years ago Adam and I went to Splendor in the Grass, Byron Bay. The vibe was amazing, Coldplay were headlining among some other great acts of one in particular -The John Butler Trio. This is where my story begins. Somehow we managed to gain access to the VIP tent, (without a pass) so we were buzzing off some crazy energy thinking we were awesome & invincible. The John Butler Trio began their set and the crowd were obviously pleased. Being in the VIP tent meant we could see the show from the side of the stage with only a wire fence separating us from the band. All of a sudden without any warning at all, Adam scaled the fence and hid underneath the stage for a few moments. Meanwhile, I am having a heart-attack. When he realised no one from security saw him, he decided it would be a good idea to jump onto the stage and hide in one of the big «mixing desk» road cases and watch the gig from there. At this point he was only a couple of meters away from the action. He sat there for about 5 songs. All of a sudden one of the security guys caught a glimpse of our deviate friend. Without thinking Adam decided it would be a good idea to run and jump into the crowd only to find 10 other security guys awaiting this very move. You can imagine my brain attack at this point. I decided it would be a good idea to scale the fence myself and jump on all the security guys who had Adam is their strong hold. Still to this day Adam believes his own strength helped him escape that day. However, I believe otherwise… perhaps a joint effort? Who knows… but we did escape, scratch free and continued to enjoy the festival until the end…

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