Dealing with large quantities of mail on a regular basis

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Dealing with large quantities of mail on a regular basis is a fact of daily office life. Luckily, there are machines that can make this task a lot easier. One of them is the Formax FD402E2 Two-Bind Envelope Jogger, a device that can settle the contents of envelopes. Here’s what’s great about this jogger, as well as what could be improved. Check it out. The FD402E2 is perfect for companies and organizations that process a lot of mail. This machine will quickly and easily settle the contents of envelopes so that they can be opened with a letter opener. The contents won’t be damaged when the envelope is opened because they’ll be at the bottom. This device has an excellent jogging capacity. It’s capable of processing as many as 1,750 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper. However, you may find that the capacity goes down a little bit when you’re working with thick envelopes. The FD402E2 has two bins. The bins measure 3

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