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Do you use Twitter in your Social Media Marketing? Twitter seems to be an acquired taste; not everyone likes it!! It is a social media giant, becoming more and more successful everyday! But still people are saying ‘I don’t get it’, ‘I don’t like it’. How can anyone who is in business not like it? You or your company are allowed as many Twitter accounts as you like! For FREE!! So you can market to your heart’s content to as many people as you can follow!! Even if at first you don’t know wht to say, you just need to get involved and read a few tweets! Take a Twitter course; there are hundreds out now for just a few dollars. Or just type it into google; Twitter tips! You will be amazed about how much you can find out quickly! And then get started. Who cares if you don’t do it exactly by the book? No-one! It’s a learning curve, and you will soon learn from your mistakes! I use a couple of tools which help me tremendously:- First of all, my favourite tool is Buzzom. This wonderful tool allows you to unfollow people who are not following you. Although you have to do it one at a time, it’s really quick and easy. You can also use it to find new people to follow and to follow back anyone who is following you! It also allows you to send @replies, to retweet someone else’s tweet and to tweet. For more features, you can upgrade to the paid version of Buzzom. Another awesome tool I use is Backtweets. This tool shows you who has been retweeting your tweets, so you can do the same for them, and also thank them! 3 Socialoomph is also a biggie. Alot of you are probably use Socialoomph already but it seemed a pity to miss out such a great site! This site allows you to set up an automated message to go out to any new followers! However, do not abuse your followers by sending them immediately to a sales page! If you do, many people will simply unfollow you! It’s like asking a girl to marry you on your first date! Just thank them for following you, and if you must send them a link, make it your blog or facebook page, not a sales page. Socialoomph does much more than that though! You can schedule tweets, follow those people who follow you, view your messages and lots more. In fact if you upgrade to the paid edition, you can even update your Facebook page, as well as lots of other things. One great tip, if you are using Twitter for your business and have the link to you website or blog showing on your Twitter Bio, is to drop the www part of your URL. You are not given many characters to put in your web address, so missing out the www will give more room for the actual address to be shown on your page. So you can definitely get more people clicking through to your blog because they can see the name, which may pique their curiosity! And one BIG mistake I see alot of people doing on Twitter is that when they start a message with a person’s name (eg @soocee), only you and the person you are sending the message to will see it! You see it will not show up in anyone else’s twitter stream, unless you type in something in front of the @!! Obviously when you are in business, you generally want everyone to see all or most of your tweets. I for one didn’t realise this for some time! Well that is a start, and I hope you got some value from these suggestions. If you are in business and not using Twitter, get one or two accounts now and start building your brand online! If you enjoyed this article on Social Media Site Twitter you may want to get your hands on a Training On Facebook that has helped hundreds of people begin their Facebook marketing campaigns!

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