Getting checks ready to go in the mail can be

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Getting checks ready to go in the mail can be time-consuming especially if they they’re stuck together and are out of line. However, you can make things easier by using the Challenge Handy-Jog, a device that has a special bin just for checks and is perfect for banks and other work environments. We took a look at this machine to see how it measures up. To discover what we found out, please continue reading…. The Handy-Jog has a bin with three compartments so you’ll be able to easily jog both personal and business checks. This is a great machine for banks, payroll departments, mailrooms, and other work environments in which high volumes of checks are processed on a regular basis. This machine’s bin is deep enough to handle piles of checks that are 3 inches high. This will enable you to jog as many checks are possible so you can move on the the next step in your document processing. This particular Handy-Jog model isn’t a good choice if you need to process regular paper, such as letter-sized sheets. The bin makes it almost impossible to jog anything other than checks. However, there are two other Handy-Jogs that can accommodate regular paper, so be sure to check them out. If you work in a shared workspace, you’ll be glad to know that the Handy-Jog operates quietly so it won’t disturb your colleagues. However, it still offers powerful jogging action despite being quiet. All in all, this device gives you the best of both worlds. This machine doesn’t require very much maintenance at all because it offers a maintenance-free drive mechanism. Because of this feature, you’ll be able to spend your time on more important things rather than maintenance. If you like to work with a foot pedal to keep your hands free, it’s totally possible with the Handy-Jog. It comes with a foot-switch that can instantly turn on the machine for ease of use. The Handy-Jog is compact enough to fit on any work surfaces. Its approximate measurements are 17

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