Historical monuments, construction of building, bridges, ship building, automobile, aerospace,

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Historical monuments, construction of building, bridges, ship building, automobile, aerospace, power plants, refineries and lots of manufacturing activities needs the process of welding and it is a part of it. Manufacturing activities need proper welding technology to meet the demands and welding system is the backbone of all manufacturing activities. It is a fabrication process that joins metals, materials and thermo plastics. When you consider the history of welding, forge welding was the only processes introduced first and later on arc welding, oxy fuel welding and resistance welding were developed. 20th century started good for the welding process, it saw many new welding processes and welding technologies. Mig welding, tig welding submerged arc welding and flux core welding were developed during 20th century and new welding equipment with latest welding technology were introduced later. The manufacturing industry came to know about the importance of welding services and requirement for welding supplies increased a lot. To cope up with the heavy requirement, welding industries started to use new welding tools, welding products, welding accessories and welding equipment supplies that are designed according to the latest welding technology. Welding techniques is classified into two methods based on the welding consumables such as consumable and non consumable electrode methods. Shielded metal arc welding, gas metal arc welding, flux-cored arc welding and submerged arc welding are the welding techniques that come under the consumable electrode methods. Gas tungsten arc welding, plasma arc welding, atomic hydrogen welding, electro slag welding and stud arc welding comes under the category of non consumable electrode methods. Tig welding uses tungsten welding electrode and consumable techniques use welding electrode rod or stick for its process. Many industries use inverter welding machines and there are different welding machines for different welding techniques. Apart from the welding products such as mig, tig, stick and submerged arc welding products, the other products such as wire feeders, spot welders, multi process units and water coolers comes under the welding products. Plasma cutter the new invention comes under the category of cutting products and apart from plasma cutting, plasma gouging is also done in the same welding machine. Different types of welder machines are available such as mig welder, tig welder, on board welder, reconditioned welder, aluminum welder, steel welder and metal welder are used for the process of welding. Welding fumes are dangerous, so the weldor should be protected with welding gears such as welding helmets, welding masks, welding gloves and with proper welding accessories. Welding guns and welding torches are important to weldor and the weldor should have proper control over it. Consumables available for welding are tig consumables, mig consumables, plasma cutter consumables, tungsten consumables and welding accessories is an optional tool that are attached to welding machines and it is used for the better performance of welding. In 1881-1882 a Russian inventor Bernardos created the electric arc welding first and welding process was a tough and nobody was willing to learn welding, but today welding schools were started to learn welding and we can learn welding easily through virtual reality. Gavin Bone is an author for Plasma Cutters. He has written articles Welders. For information visit our site arc welding

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