I was walking to my car when I heard a

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I was walking to my car when I heard a faint rumbling somewhere in the distance. The one thing that virtually everyone has these days is a cell phone. Now you can either have a cell phone that looks like everyone else’s or an individual phone that shows it is YOUR phone.We all have different styles and tastes and these can easily be reflected by our phones. One of my favourites is wholesale cheap Ed hardy clothes . It started off with a line of clothing then Christian Audigier took it to all the accessories. Now its like body ink for your phone. If skulls and fire are your thing, then Ed hardy is for you. Girls would love the rhinestones and the guys can have it painted on the phone skin. It is all about individuality here. As I smiled to myself, I wondered if I would feel the same way had the powerful V8 engine been packed into a Toyota Prius. I wouldn’t. It’s all about the look and feel.Rubbernecking I saw the beautiful shape of a bright red Ferrari 360 Spider. As it pulled up, I had a sudden urge to touch it and feel the incredible machine. For the sleek smart gentleman (or lady), there is PDair. The phone cases can be attached to your belt or be next to your makeup kit in your purse. The make and size of your phone doesn’t matter. Every case is available in different colours and you have the option of deluxe leather, crocodile skin, silicone and aluminium casings. If you want it, they have wholesale cheap Ed hardy bandbags . For all those iPhone enthusiasts out there, SwitchEasy will blow your mind with their range of apple iphone cases! Phones are a part of everyone’s life now, as much as their clothes. It can say a lot about you and add to that vital first impression – be it a a hottie sitting by the bar or a new boss. If first impressions matter to you, then seriously start looking at a makeover for your phone!The range gives you the ability to simply change the metallic skin, or decking your phone out with your choice of colour, in a Matt finish capsule. You can even match your iPod to your iPhone! If all you are looking for is something to keep your touch screen from getting scratched, you need Noreve. The always-classic simple leather casing protects your precious phone from sharp keys and stuff in your pocket. The French design of the handcrafted fabrics will get all your friends jealous.

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