If you are on the lookout for an economical and

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If you are on the lookout for an economical and compact refrigeration option, then the 12 volt refrigerator is for you. These refrigerators have an exceptionally low level of energy consumption and a low operating expense. While the smaller versions are ideal for road trips, the larger models are suitable for households that want to save on their energy bills. Shopping online would get you a reliable model to suit your needs. Customized to Cut Electricity Costs Most 12 volt refrigerators are designed to work on either external batteries (like that of a car) or internal batteries, and are therefore independent of the grid. In many models, the batteries that can be recharged using solar and wind power, and fuel cells. This makes these refrigerators indispensable when you are looking to cut electricity costs, during power outages and in places where electric power is not available. It must be kept in mind that if a 12v refrigerator is used in a car, it will have to be recharged frequently. This will deplete the life of the car battery. But the battery of a diesel-powered truck, RV or boat battery is much stronger and would be able to support the 12 volt refrigerator well. Efficient Large Size 12 Volt Refrigerators The large size 12 volt refrigerators come in top loading models as well as upright refrigerators and freezers. Popular for their outstanding performance and durability, these DC-powered solar refrigerators have a range of useful features:

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