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If you just could not wait to hop on board and embark around Europe without breaking your budget, or if you?ve also been meaning to find out more about the biggest happenings in fine countries like Rome, London, Moscow, Budapest, Belgrade or even Paris, then you certainly need to get your hands on this exciting new travel book published by Harvard students! This blue covered paperback contains a lot of wit throughout its 320 page book and that is simply something that many other travel guides don?t possess. Many universities? dining halls are flung wide open for both resident and foreign students during the warm summertime. They have food of all types, from the most unsavory ones doled out in grubby, swarming cafeterias to the most wonderful delicacies served in a very luxurious ambiance. Seizing the golden chance of staying in student inns is an excellent way to locate your European counterparts, and enjoy the city without breaking the bank. In reality, these are just college dorms which have been transformed temporarily as summer hostels to accommodate the many students and tourists that go there. Young Americans under a strict travel budget can still find this guide useful even if it is written by students for other students. Though a man traveling with his wife may not need an Italian translation of where can we be alone, he certainly will want other information. Let’s look at the hitch hiking tips, for example. The most ideal blend on this journey would be a guy and a girl as it is in real life. The sight of a young couple beside the road inspires some combination of good will, nostalgia, curiosity, envy and protectiveness in most drivers and you are sure to get a ride.Or on camping in Russia, if you carry your tents and bedding, the charge is $1.00 per person. Every year, a lot of tents are propped in the spaces that are available and this makes it a need to plan your visits to the shower and toilet to not be stuck in a long queue. Anytime, throughout the day you can have some nice cold water from the wash basins but at some periods in the day you may pay 10 to 15 cents for some nice warm water. You don’t have to be an undergraduate to take advantage of tips on pub crawling in England or on a wine tasting tour of France. There are also some special features on every single one of them as well as on art works too. Nor do you need to become a student just to grab hold of nightlife happening data on around 50 regions and cities within 19 countries along with Germany, plus Istanbul and perhaps Israel too. All that are within this book are gathered by the students who are tasked to check on every single hotel, inn, pensions, dining areas and cafes where a tourist from the U.S can have a decent meal and place to sleep and enough money on hand for some fun activities.The idea is for people to find great places around Europe without breaking the bank. We feature nightclub sections, since discotheques and nightclubs are a fascinating way of meeting Europeans of both sexes. Each country is covered in a separate chapter broken up into such sections as Getting Around, Accommodations, Restaurants, Nightlife, Sights, Excursions. More importantly, this even features valuable information such as how to work in Europe, how to find venues for holiday recreation, tips on mountain climbing, scuba diving special transportation, tourist rates for students and other things most useful. In 1960, the first copy of this book was published as a 20 page mimeograph pamphlet given out for free to people traveling on flights with Harvard students. You will gain a deeper understanding about travel insurance for backpackers by checking out that resource. Go to this site for further information on travel insurance backpackers.

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