If you’re looking for outdoor adventures, the US has practically

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If you’re looking for outdoor adventures, the US has practically anything you could ask for. Whether you want to relax or expend as much energy as possible, there are a number of suitable activities. At campsites around the US you’ll find that nature is completely open to you. In the Great Outdoors you’ll see true magnificent beauty. To get started on your adventure all you need is to start a little research around the Internet and outdoor magazines. The first foray into camping for many people is one of the many US national parks. There are national parks among all 50 states and many US territories, so if you can’t visit one of the well-known parks there are still dependable campsites to visit. You also have plenty of options when you’re ready to travel a little further off the beaten path. You can hike year round through the Forty Mile Canyon in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Utah. Narrow in some places and broad in others, the hike through the canyon is full of challenge and beauty. When you need a little cooling down, you can jump into the pool beneath the 12-foot waterfall or try out some of the other glistening pools. If you

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