It is an object of the present invention to provide

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It is an object of the present invention to provide integrated filling and pasteurising apparatus for liquids. According to the present invention there is provided an integrated filling and pasteurising apparatus comprising water filling machines and a pasteurising machine, said pasteurising machine having a balance tank for temporary storage of product to be pasteurised, a pasteurising station coupled to receive product from the balance tank and to deliver pasteurised product to the filling machine , said filling machine comprising a hopper coupled to receive pasteurised product from said pasteurising station, a container- filling station coupled to the output of the hopper, drive means for sequentially delivering containers to be filled to the filling station and for sequentially moving filled containers from the filling station to a container-closure station, wherein control means are provided for controlling operation of said drive means to provide synchronous operation of said pasteurising machine and of said filling machine. An integrated filling and pasteurising apparatus comprising filling machines , a pasteurising machine, and control means for providing synchronous operation of said Water Filling Machine and said pasteurising machine; Filling machines for filling containers with potable liquids are already known in various configurations. The potable liquids may be milk, water, beer, fruit juices, wines or the like and the containers may be cartons, bottles or cans. In these known beverage filling machines the liquid to be containerised is held in a bulk storage vessel and is intermittently delivered in measured volumetric quantities to a filling station at which a succession ghd straighteners of empty containers is presented for respectively receiving a quantity of liquid sufficient to fill a container, each filled container is then removed from the filling station and is presented to at least one other station whereat the filled container is sealed.   source:blog dr-machine

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