Jogging your paper can make it easier to deal with,

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Jogging your paper can make it easier to deal with, especially if you need to run the paper through any type of document finishing machine (i.e. booklet makers, folders, etc.). A jogger can align your sheets and make them less likely to stick together. One jogger that’s worth a look is the Lassco Wizer LasscoJog LJ-6, a device that has four bins so you can work with a lot of paper at once. This machine has a lot of things that make it stand out, so let’s take a look at them….. The LJ-6 is a terrific paper jogger to have around if you frequently need to process a lot of paper. This machine has four bins so it’s able to jog hundreds of sheets at a time. You can even use this device to jog envelopes, checks, timecards, and other paper items. This machine is equipped with an extremely powerful motor. It’s capable of producing 1550 revolutions per minute which is pretty impressive. One of the great things about the LJ-6 is that it’s remarkably easy to use. All you really need to do is insert your paper and other items into the bins and then turn the device on. Within seconds, all of your documents will be perfectly jogged. This device has bins that are tilted 45 degrees. This not only makes it easy to load them, it prevent your papers from flying all over the place while they’re being jogged. Something you’ll want to keep in mind about this shredder is that it’s not recommended for jogging sheets that are larger than 8.5

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