Lively sized Analyst Electrical Acquisition, agreed that??? Suning Appliance is

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Lively sized Analyst Electrical Acquisition, agreed that??? Suning Appliance is a rational choice to terminate the acquisition From Suning Appliance (002024) to terminate one day after the acquisition of Dazhong Electronics, States United States That is announced to take over. States United States in the acquisition of Yongle, the longer accept large and medium, it changes the market structure will result in Suning what impact? Many analysts expressed a related view. CSC Securities Lijun Song in its latest report that the failure to acquire Dazhong, in addition to countries outside the United States involved in negotiations, from the internal sense, is the Suning Appliance is now certain financial pressure, if the acquisition of medium and large at this stage, the company financial and operating the risk will increase, terminate this acquisition is the company control business risks and mitigation funding chain initiatives. Lijun Song said, From this year, companies are subject to certain obstacles on the funding, combined with a rapid expansion of the extension type, making its expansion of funds had to rely more on long operating cash flow. Meanwhile, long-lasting extension type expansion will bring with non-small-business risks and pressures, including the existing store facing issues such as rent increases. Shen Wan Jin Zefei while in its report that the root causes of the acquisition of adults may come from Business Negotiate issues of principle, rather than just a simple price, after all, the current Su Ning, the sale of such a large scale of the cash flow generated by several medium and large enough to pay for the acquisition. It is understood that more than 81 large and medium-owned stores now, according to the country’s 3.65 billion U.S. purchase price calculation, the cost per store is 45 million yuan. Investment securities in the retail trade industry analysts blue delphinium had once said that Suning to open a shop of his current average cost of only 20 million to 30 million yuan, significant differences between the two. Even taking into account the acquisition of large and medium to bring the brand value, in her view, is still a trading losses. CSC Business Peng Yan-ping industry analysts said the acquisition will affect large and medium should be between GOME and Suning relative market share, but actually not much impact on profitability, as medium and large stores in Beijing at present is only profit. Although the acquisition of medium and large, but the country still faces the United States after completion of the acquisition integration. Data, Suning first half of the total amount of 18.983 billion yuan revenue, net profit of 578 million yuan, basic earnings per share 0.40 yuan; Gome first half of the total income of 21.157 billion yuan, net profit of 395 million yuan, basic earnings per share 0.13 element. Jinze Fei said, do not accept large and medium, Suning can still develop in accordance with their own fast-paced growth. Suning history has always been a reliance on their own strategies and Management History of success, the company has never been seriously attached to an area, some expansion model for development. By Home Appliances Distribution channels to grasp, through Consumption The demands of the situation analysis, through the value chain and supply chain strength of integration, Suning Appliance has become the absolute leader in the retail sector, the income of more than several billion financial data is only the size but the real core of competitive advantage is still Suning the best bottom line value. Jin Zefei that the retailers, the scale is important, but lack the background to support the sales volume is only a short-lived Liushui Zhang. Suning owned by virtue of its forward-looking strategic direction, strong expansion of capacity and efficient off-site solid back support, in 2008 the income of the company copied a few large and medium size is just a matter of time. I want to comment I am an expert from China Toys Suppliers, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as aluminum ammonium sulfate , calcium aspartate anhydrous.

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