None other than a printer would understand the importance of

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None other than a printer would understand the importance of preflight printing when designing software for the printing industry. Most printers would echo the sentiment that preflight tasks are usually time intensive, sometimes eating up nearly all profitability through time consuming formatting and correction. Yet, preflight is essential in order to get the finished product that is expected. No one wants to skip this step and hand a sub par print piece to a customer. Preflight is one great detail that PrintSites has automated in their breakthrough software development for printers. The PrintSites preflight tool will ensure that every job meets or exceeds the same high standards that printers offer their valued customers. Automated preflight will intercept typical problems in the design phase, such as image quality and font compatibility. With images, those less than 300 dpi are flagged, so the user can follow easy steps to correct and upload higher quality images. With fonts, we troubleshoot licence issues by identifying licensed fonts and converting, when possible, to an outline image format for faster workflow approval. Automatically substituting fonts is just another way that PrintSites helps customers, and printers. And no more margin overflow. Customer text which overflows printable margins is quickly detected and identified. Customers are assisted as they easily change their font, or make it smaller. The PrintSites preflight tools will ensure that web based ordering will meet or exceed the same high standards as traditional over the counter printing. It also integrates CMYK color for an added benefit, and has default output devices that add to your capabilities. To capture ecommerce profits, automating preflight is necessary. Thankfully, PrintSites was developed by printers, for printers. This makes PrintSites a true web 2 print solution.    

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