One area where some new booksellers find themselves in trouble

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One area where some new booksellers find themselves in trouble is in the manner they use to describe the books which they list for sale. Most of the books that a new internet bookseller will deal with will not be collectible and will be sold to customers who are interested in the information the book provides. Even so, these customers will be upset if they receive a book that is in worse condition or has damage that was not described accurately in the books description. You should always under value when describing and not try to make the book better than it is by neglecting to report defects. You will have many happy customers if they receive a book in better condition than they expected. To properly describe your books you need to know your customers. The average book buyer is not familiar with trade terminology used in the book field. However if you progress in your book business to the point where you will be selling to collectors then you will need to offer a more professional book description. This article will help you with the descriptions you will need to sell lower priced books through Amazon, eBay,, Alibris and other similar venues. First it is always a good idea to start at This is an online book reference where you can find almost any book listed that is for sale. You will be able to determine how many copies of a particular book are listed and what the price range of those books are. This will help you decide what price range you will list your book to ensure it will sell. The usual terms used to describe books on the venues listed above are: New: A book in perfect unread condition just as it would be straight from a book store Used-Like New: A book in unread condition. Dustjacket, pages, book covers all in unread new condition. Used-Very Good: A book that has been read but has seen very little use. There is no damage or highlighting. Used-Good: A book that has seen obvious use. May be minor creases or scratches to dustjacket. Minor corner creases to pages and minor highlighting. Used-Acceptable: This would include a book that is in readable condition with extensive highlighting, missing or damaged dustjacket, folded page corners, etc. The above are just the basic condition terms you will be dealing with on any of the book selling online venues. It would be good practice to spend time researching all the terms used in the book trade. On each book selling venue you will find a description of what is expected of each of these basic terms. As with any business the more you know about the products you areselling the better you will be able to serve your customers. The most important thing to remember is to make sure to describe the books condition as accurately as possible. Make sure to list in the description or comment box all the defects you find. The little extra time invested in properly describing your books condition will go a long way in ensuring the longevity of your fledgling book business and prevent losses due to books being returned. Find out how profitable selling used books can be at the above links.

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