One of the easiest and most cost effective ways of

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One of the easiest and most cost effective ways of reducing the ever-rising energy bills is through home insulation. In addition to saving on the power bills, it also enhances home efficiency and makes the house more comfortable. Proper insulation keeps the house warm in winters and cool in summers, thereby reducing the dependence on various heating and cooling devices for temperature regulation. The most important place where insulation needs to be installed first is the attic. As it is situated at the top of the house, it is usually the hottest part of the house that makes the central air conditioning system ineffective. As a result more energy is consumed in maintaining the desired temperature within the house, thereby increasing the power bills. An effective solution to overcome this problem is attic insulation, which restricts the heat flow to other parts of the room. Subsequently, it contributes towards home efficiency. There are different types of material, which can be used for attic insulation, such as fiberglass, cellulose, mineral wool and foam. You can choose amongst these depending upon the amount of insulation required. The effectiveness of the insulation material is judged on the basis of its R-value. Higher the R-value better is the insulation offered by the material. Attic insulation can be installed in different forms, like foam, spray, batts, rolls, and loose fill. However, blown in attic insulation is the mostly preferred as it effectively fills in the gaps and holes, if any. In addition, it can easily reach any corner of the room and can even be blown in corners and crevices. It forms a uniform blanket and resists flow of heat, thereby proving to be quite effective. Furthermore, it usually costs less, both in terms of material as well as labor costs. Hence, along with improving the Home efficiency, attic insulation also saves money. In order to maximize the benefits offered by Attic insulation, it is important that it should be properly installed. You can either get it done by a professional or can even do it yourself, provided you know the right technique of installation.

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