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Our advice gets results, we know because we are Bristol job vacancies experts and know what employers need from their employees. You want more money for the work you do, but you also want to give the right impression to your boss, so it needs to be done in the correct manor. Waiting for the boss to recognise your talents and give you a rise is not likely, you need to ask for what you want. With inflation at around 3% and the average annual pay rise at just 2% many people are worse off now than they were last year, so a pay rise is what you need. Those of you that deserve a pay rise will now want to read on to learn how to ask for one. Are you worth more? Are people in your organisation who are doing the same job as you getting paid more than you? What about other companies are they paying there staff more than you are getting? This will help you get an idea of the pay levels for your role. Be confident It is less expensive to keep a good employee than to hire a new one so a good employee has nothing to fire from asking for a rise, however a poor employee may be giving the boss the excuse he has been looking for to fire you, so if you are a less than great employee maybe it is not the right time to ask for a rise. Get everything ready before you ask The request for the pay increase should be at the end of an improvement in your working standards that has lasted for a few months. Taking on extra responsibilities shows you are happy to do more than just those duties laid out in your job description. Keep learning and pushing yourself Even if the subject you are studying is not related to your job the fact you are continuing your education is a big positive mark. Be assertive When asking for more cash, don’t be aggressive. Be assertive instead. Don’t threaten or moan. I always say you should prove you deserve more because of your merits, not because of other people’s failings. It is not good to be aggressive when you ask for a pay rise. Being assertive is better. Show why you should have a rise, the extra work, longer hours the interdepartmental relationships you have built and so on, but do not stab the other employees in the back to get it. Set deadlines What pay rise do you want? Set a time limit for a response, what will you do if you do not get your rise? When you ask for a pay rise you need to have a clear figure in mind. Think about those tough questions What could they raise that would stop you getting what you want? Have the answers to any question they may ask ready. It is a fine line you will have to walk to make sure you do not appear rude. You should respect the decision of your manager and understand that the decision may not have been his to make. Ask for a rise on the basis of your performance There is more chance of you getting the rise if you can show you deserve it. Personal factors like your fiend earns more than you should not be part of your argument. Prepare documentation Note down the times you have added value to the company.Showing you can work both independently and as part of a team and having the times and dates of this work documented will make it more likely you will get the rise you deserve. Ask for extra benefits If extra money is not available, you could ask for better hours or some other form of benefits bonus. Activ Bristol are passionate about all things Bristol, they help people find Bristol job vacancies, cars for sale in Bristol and things to do. The website can be found at http://www.activbristol.com .

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