Schematic diagram of the main transmission gear box means that

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Schematic diagram of the main transmission gear box means that auto gearbox, it is divided into manual and automatic two, manual transmission gears and shafts mainly composed of different gear combinations generated by speed and moment; the automatic transmission AT is hydraulic torque converter, planetary gears and hydraulic control system components, transmission and gear by hydraulic means to achieve the combination of speed and moment. Functions: First, change the transmission ratio; 2, the same engine under the direction of rotation, so that cars can travel backwards; 3, using the neutral interrupt power transmission to the engine to start, idle, and easy to shift or power transmission output. Transmission with this car several functions: 1. To change the transmission ratio, expand the driving wheel torque and speed range to meet the constantly changing driving conditions, while the engine in a favorable (higher power and lower fuel consumption) of the condition of work; 2. In the same engine under the direction of rotation, so that cars can travel backward; 3. Use of the neutral interrupt power transmission to the engine to start, idle, and to facilitate transmission shift or power output. Transmission is controlled by a variable speed drive mechanism and institutions, when necessary, you can also install power output device. In the classification in two ways: by changing patterns of transmission ratio and by the different ways to manipulate points. Manual transmission gears and shafts mainly composed of combinations produced by different gear speed change moment; the automatic transmission AT is a hydraulic torque converter, planetary gears and hydraulic control system components, through the hydraulic transmission and gear combination approach to achieve the speed and moment. Manual transmission works in which AT Hydraulic torque converter is the most characteristic parts, which consists of pump wheels, guide wheels, turbines and components as a direct input engine torque and clutch power transmission function. Pump wheel and turbine is a combination of work, which is like the relative placement of the two fans, a fan blowing in the wind will take the initiative to bring another passive fan blades rotate, the flow of air – wind into kinetic energy transfer medium . If the kinetic energy of liquid instead of air as transmission medium, the pump drive turbine wheel will rotate through the liquid, and then between the pump wheel and turbine with guide wheel to improve the efficiency of liquid transfer. As the torque converter automatic transmission and moment far enough and the efficiency is low, so a few series in the turbine back again ranked star gear efficiency, hydraulic control system will work with the engine change on their own control gear to achieve the automatic transmission. Transmission of classified as follows: Manual transmission Common automatic transmission/automatic transmission with tiptronic general Stepless CVT transmission/CVT gearbox with gear Double-clutch hydraulic winch Serial Transmission Automatic transmission maintenance neglect Mo Automatic transmission equipped vehicles is increasing. With automatic transmission, people can kick the accelerator and one foot between the brake to complete the car driving very easy. If the owners usually ignore the maintenance of the automatic transmission, automatic gearbox is very delicate prone to failure. Owners usually most easily overlooked is the correct selection and automatic transmission oil change on time. In addition to the usual proper driving, the key to maintenance is the correct «oil change.» According to reports, be noted that the manufacturer must provide for the use of Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF), which can cause abnormal wear automatic transmission. Ms Leather said that the oil can not replace the automatic transmission car at the roadside shops or beauty shops, because this operation is very strict. Current international automatic transmission has two series, with two series of standard automatic transmission oil, and mix the two are not interchangeable, or may damage the automatic transmission. Therefore, the replacement of automatic transmission oil, car owners will have to be special repair works or professional automatic transmission repair shop to go. Conventional case, the automatic transmission car per driving from 20,000 to 25,000 km should be cleaning and maintenance time, or the case of transmission skid, rising sea temperatures, shifting slowly, cleaning and maintenance time when the system leaks. Automatic transmission repair to prevent a «trap» Automatic vehicle as the road opened up in a city convenient, its share is increasing, but the automatic transmission more «squeamish», used for many years, the easy to fail. Note the maintenance of automatic transmission mechanism is the most complex vehicle repair system. On a new gearbox as little as 10,000 yuan, as many as more than 10 million. As the owners of the knowledge and know very little maintenance, generally small repair shops like the automatic transmission into low-cost to deceive the owner. Guangzhou, some of the dealers often from abroad for a number of old cars or abandoned car, automatic transmission, spray refurbished cheap repair shop to sell some of the mainland, this renovation of transmission are often spotted in Hangzhou court, if without attention, can easily be used on his car. In addition to renovation of transmission with blind owners, transmission maintenance cost is relative chaos. According to industry sources, due to the high cost of replacement gearbox, many consumers choose repair, but in fact, a lot of fault with automatic transmission is also able to repair some of 4S stores. As the maintenance of the difficulty with this piece of consumer or blind spots, repairs are free to offer side. Same problem here is 4,000 yuan, another place may become a 8,000 yuan. Reminder: the owner must be to a large number of professional technicians and has a full set of original accessories and tool repair shop to repair, to ensure the quality of automatic transmission repair.

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