The European Union currently imports around two billion pounds (sterling)

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The European Union currently imports around two billion pounds (sterling) of beef and thirty million pounds (sterling) of semen every year from America. Recent agricultural news reports state that animal cloning is widespread and unregulated in the United States and therefore imported meat and semen could be coming from first generation cloned animals. It has been stated in several farming news reports that European Members of Parliament want a complete ban on cattle meat and semen from American until it can be proven that the products have not come from cloned livestock. European farmers have to abide by tough regulations and rules for the production of meat and raising of livestock but there are few regulations to control the import of meat and semen from outside the EU. Under current EU rules meat products can only be sold for human consumption if they are from third generation or later offspring from cloned animals. Farming news reports state that in a recent discussion MEP

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