The most common colour which is used in summer is

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The most common colour which is used in summer is white. Women also wear bright coloured dresses because bright colours reflect the sun light. In the hot weather of June and July most Women designer Clothing are composed of white and cool colours. Women Cotton clothing is also popular in the hot weather because cotton lets air through and keeps the woman wearing it cool and refreshed. Cotton also does not stick to the skin thereby causing irritation. When wearing white clothing, certain basic norms must be observed so that clothes bought or made are of suitable nature and fulfil the requirement of the women wearing them. The main problem women face while wearing white clothes is that many of the fabrics are see through especially in the light. In order to overcome this problem underclothes are used. It is advisable to use underclothing which are near to the skin tone of person. When wearing white clothes underclothing of a slightly different colour like crème or light shades of yellow, grey type of colours are recommended. The reason for using clothing of these colours is simply because these colours would not be spotted under the dress while other colours of underclothing will not look nice as it would be easily seen under the dress and would also distract from the overall effect of the dress. White clothes must be matched with clothes of different colours with great care. Bright colours normally match with other bright colours, in fact the brighter the better. Be careful of washing light colour clothing as they can start fading almost immediately although how soon the colour will fade depends on the quality of clothes. Bleaching white clothes is an option which is used to make clothes look new again. Lemon juice can be used for this purpose also because lemon is natural bleach. You have to hang the clothes to dry in the sun to keep it effective. Women Fashion Wear A woman needs to trust her instints while selecting her clothing. Body types play a important rule in the selection process and it is better to take time to coordinate the clothing properly so that the desired effect can be achieved. White clothing

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