The Porsche 911 Phone isn’t just a beast of a

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The Porsche 911 Phone isn’t just a beast of a car, it’s one of the most visually iconic vehicles ever produced. It has most likely been around for longer than you have, and even if the different models have their own design variations, you can always tell when you’re looking at a Porsche 911 Phone. This theme features a handful of wallpapers, featuring the Porsche 911 Phone both in action and in showroom-like conditions. We know the classic Porsche body paint color is red, but since everyone has their own favorite color, we’ve included several different hues in this great theme. All the images have been thoroughly tailored to fit the screen on your Cookie, so you’re ready to go as soon as you download this theme. You can’t easily change the more involved elements of your LG Cookie’s interface, but changing wallpapers is very simple. Just download the theme file, unzip it and then transfer the files to your phone via Bluetooth. When your phone receives the file, it will ask you whether you want to save the file or use it as a wallpaper. Select ‘Use as wallpaper’ to transform your LG Cookie. If you don’t want to use the wallpaper straight away, you can access the image later from within the phone to set it as your wallpaper which is nearly the same as Porsche B9521 . However, Porsche B9521 is a kind of slide phone which is different from Porsche 911 Phone. At Luxphoneworld, we want you to know well about the cell phones that you are interested in before your purchase. Take Luxphoneworld as your personal cell phones-shopping consultant. Each cell phone hat we offer is detailed in every aspect throughout our website to guide you through every step of the cell phones

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