They are usually hard to miss. At crowded outdoor festivals

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They are usually hard to miss. At crowded outdoor festivals and events they can be seen promoting their message or products. Even when stationed among the mishmash of vendors, booths and food stands they can draw the attention of a crowd. You’ve seen them at fairs, concerts, parades, bars, nightclubs and other entertainment venues offering interactive games and prizes. They could be using all of this attention to promote your brand. They are street teams. Street teams are an alternative advertising tactic that started out as a niche, guerrilla marketing technique but has evolved into a mainstream advertising option. Once limited to less creative methods (like handing out fliers), a street team today has an arsenal of alternative advertising tools and techniques in their employ. Choreographed dance moves, interactive games and contest and other unique attractions allow them to draw the attention of a crowd in even the busiest environments. Mobile media poles are one of the latest techniques that street teams can be seen using to sway the attention of crowds and serve their roles of brand ambassadors. High-tech tools only make up one half the equation. The other and more important half if you ask anyone who knows about alternative advertising and guerrilla marketing techniques is having a highly trained, attractive and friendly street team of brand ambassadors to operate the medium. They become the face and voice of every brand they represent. Street team members are typically hand-selected to mirror or appeal to the correct target demographic for each particular guerrilla marketing campaign. Brand ambassadors like street teams usually also undergo mandatory training in customer service, techniques for dealing with large crowds, and specific brand training for each client. Mobile Media Poles These large ultra thin, widescreen units extends anywhere 4 to 12 feet high providing digital video wherever you need your brand’s message to be seen and heard in vivid and intricate detail. Lightweight, portable, stable and easily operated, these screens can be used indoors or outdoors anytime of the year and are ideal for rising above crowds and making a huge screen mobile. Where to Find Street Teams with Mobile Video Capabilities – Street teams with mobile video capabilities are available in many DMAs. To find an advertising agency with street teams that are ready to «activate» in your target markets, contact an alternative media company. These media marketplaces allow media buyers to browse a list of street teams by DMA, media types, and other conditions. Mobile Media Poles Asset Details – Merging human interaction with technology creates positive memorable experiences that consumers share with friends, coworkers, and family members. Rise head and shoulders above any crowd Extends 4-12 ft High Amplified Audio for loud, crowded areas Portable, stable, easy to operate Ideal for trade shows, concerts & sport events WiFi and Bluetooth Data Capture (video, audio, etc.) Interactive games Surveys and polling Contact an alternative media company for more information about street teams, mobile video poles, guerrilla marketing techniques and other alternative advertising options that can help your business stand out above the competition. Jeff R. Lamb is the president of DOmedia: an alternative media company. DOmedia specializes in connecting asset owners with buyers for all forms of alternative and out of home (OOH) advertising strategies. Learn more at

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