wicker baskets , when mentioned by people, must explained like

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wicker baskets , when mentioned by people, must explained like this,» Wicker basket is a kind of container made of wicker and used to gather food, gifts and clothes.» And now I will tell you how to gather big money by using a wicker basket. Just now I have seen an article about a town named Humble. Humble is famous for delicious food. And there is one thing that you can not find anywhere else. They use wicker basket to charge cash and money. When you finish your eating, you only need to put your money into the wicker basket which is placed on the door. Nobody will check if you pay less or not. You must hold the suspicious attitude to this business model, but it works well. The local residents of Humble gained big success. Why? In my opinion, there two major reasons. Firstly, human’s trust on each other. The Humble people have confidence in that people will not play tricks. They think all people are good ones. So the eaters will feel ashamed to cheat. Secondly, the charm from the wicker basket . The wicker basket you see is not only a simple basket. It is fulfilled with people’s trust on each other, Humble people’s simple, honest and hardworking. They afford you with fantastic delicious food, will you refuse to pay for them or play on them? Of course not. Unbelievable! Small wicker basket , but big success. Do you also want to earn your big success from wicker baskets? Just act now! There is always one way that is suitable for you. Good luck!

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