With postal duties being an essential part of the business

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With postal duties being an essential part of the business day for many companies, any technology that makes it faster and most convenient to sort, sign and send mail is bound to receive a warm welcome – which is why ever more businesses are realising the benefits of digital franking machines. There are many advantages to buying or renting a digital franking machine in your office – the most obvious being the significant money it could save you on every single item posted. Using a digital franking machine means you no longer need to rely on expensive stamps, which are only available in limited values – and will typically mean you pay more for each item. Digital franking machines that incorporate accurate digital scales allow businesses to pay for the precise weight of their parcel, franking machine users also benefit from discounted postal prices – saving at least three pence per item, these savings increase with larger items. Over the course of weeks, months and years, all those saved pennies soon add up. The digital franking machine prints labels with all the necessary details that can be attached to your outgoing mail, meaning no more standing in line waiting to be served, and more hours back in the day. The cost benefits go beyond the postage fees, as the ease of use of digital franking machines means your employees will spend less of their working day peeling, stamping and waiting in Post Office queues, and can instead put their time to better use in activities that actually add value to the business. There are more advantages to digital franking machines beyond streamlining your operations, as the technology can also be effectively employed to improve brand awareness and promote your company. With a customised label featuring your company’s logo being seen by everyone who handles your parcels on its way to its recipient, you can greatly boost visibility and recognition in your local area and further afield – not to mention looking suitably professional. Digital franking machines are available in a range of sizes and with a variety of functions, meaning businesses can always find the model that’s best suited to their individual needs. With credit and supplies for franking machines being readily available online, it’s also easy to take care of their maintenance.

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